Enabling Young People To Help Themselves


MAST is a fully registered charity with an appointed Board of three Trustees. Those involved have been working to create a business plan which supports the vision of the Trust. MAST recognise that to achieve the objectives of the plan it will be essential to work with other groups and those with vested interest to ensure the objectives of the trust can be delivered.

This plan is therefore a first step. It highlights the objectives of the Trust and what the Trust is looking to achieve. It recognises that the delivery of these objectives can be achieved in a variety of ways but it is only by putting forward a plan that MAST can engage in an iterative process to assess options and to build partnerships.

The MAST Mission – Enabling Young People To Help Themselves

Our Values:

  • We put young people at the heart of everything we do.
  • We believe diversity is a asset to learning.
  • We value and celebrate the pleasure of learning and support young people, volunteers and staff in realising their potential.
  • We treat trainees, volunteers and staff as individuals, listening, respecting and responding to thier needs.
  • We provide a safe and inspiring environment in which to work and learn.
  • We value our trainees beyond their time on our project and will wherever possible continue to support them as long as they need us.
  • We value the importance of meeting the needs of employers, partners and our local community through responsive innovative services.


During the last 15 years, MASTS chairman has sent over 2000 young people aged 14-25 on trips by raising over £1m.

A major barrier to most young people in participating in such activity is raising the fees.

MAST plans to remove these fees by obtaining funding to support such activity. With the addition of the land based centre MAST can then offer an intensive residential scheme over a 3 week period beginning four days before their ‘Tall Ship’ Voyage. This will differentiate MAST from other similar organisations.

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